Tutorial 1

Introduction to Digital Libraries
Edward Fox, Virginia Tech

This tutorial is a thorough and deep introduction to the Digital Libraries (DL) field, providing a firm foundation: covering key concepts and terminology, as well as services, systems, technologies, methods, standards, projects, issues, and practices. It introduces and builds upon a firm theoretical foundation (starting with the `5S’ set of intuitive aspects: Streams, Structures, Spaces, Scenarios, Societies), giving careful definitions and explanations of all the key parts of a `minimal digital library’, and expanding from that basis to cover key DL issues. Illustrations come from a set of case studies, including from multiple current projects, including with webpages, tweets, and social networks. Attendees will be exposed to four Morgan and Claypool books that elaborate on 5S, published 2012-2014. Complementing the coverage of `5S’ will be an overview of key aspects of the DELOS Reference Model and DL.org activities. Further, use of a Hadoop cluster supporting big data DLs will be described.