Tutorial 3

Building Digital Library Collections with Greenstone 3
David Bainbridge, University of Waikato, New Zealand

This tutorial is designed for those who want an introduction to building a digital library using an open source software program. The tutorial will focus on the Greenstone digital library software. In particular, participants will work with the Greenstone Librarian Interface, a flexible graphical user interface designed for developing and managing digital library collections. Attendees do not require programming expertise, however they should be familiar with HTML and the Web, and be aware of representation standards such as Unicode, Dublin Core and XML. The Greenstone software has a pedigree of more than two decades, with over 1 million downloads from SourceForge. The premier version of the software has, for many years, been Greenstone 2. This tutorial will introduce users to Greenstone 3 — a redesign and reimplementation of the original software to take better advantage of newer standards and web technologies that have been developed since the original implementation of Greenstone. Written in Java, the software is more modular in design to increase the flexibility and extensibility of the software design. Emphasis in the tutorial is placed on where Greenstone 3 goes beyond what Greenstone 2 can do. Through the hands-on practical exercises participants will, for example, build collections where geo-tagged metadata embedded in photos is automatically extracted and used to provide a map-based view in the
digital library of the collection.