Posters & Demonstrations

Accepted Posters

1) ACT: An Annotation Platform for Citation Typing at Scale
David Pride, Jozef Harag and Petr Knoth

2) An Analysis of Arabic Language Music Queries: Design Considerations for an Arabic Music Digital Library
Sally Jo Cunningham

3) An analysis of the performance of named entity recognition over OCRed documents
Ahmed Hamdi, Axel Jean-Caurant, Nicolas Sidère, Mickaël Coustaty and Antoine Doucet

4) An Approach of Constructing Knowledge Graph of the Hundred Schools of Thought in Ancient China
Jingzhu Wei and Rui Liu

5) The Archives Unleashed Notebook: Madlibs for Jumpstarting Scholarly Exploration
Ryan Deschamps, Nick Ruest, Jimmy Lin, Samantha Fritz and Ian Milligan

6) Argument Structure Mining in Scientific Articles: A Comparative Analysis
Ningyuan Song, Hanghang Cheng, Huimin Zhou and Xiaoguang Wang

7) Branch Filtering of Tree-structured Search Results
Trond Aalberg

8) Building and Enhancing Stereographic Digitial Collections Working Across Departments to Augment Reality
Bryan Ricupero, Glory Taylor and Amanda Lehman

9) A Comparative Study of Chinese Patent Literature Automatic Classification Based on Deep Learning
Lucheng Lyu and Tao Han

10) CrowdEIM: Crowdsourcing Emergency Information Management Tasks to the Mobile Social Media Users
Hongzhou Shen and Junpeng Shi

11) A Dataset for Content Error Detection in Web Archives
Johannes Kiesel, Fabienne Hubricht, Benno Stein and Martin Potthast

12) Exploring Ontologies for Collection Protection in Second Sino-Japanese War
Mei-Mei Wu (National Taiwan Normal University), Ying-Hsang Liu (The Australian National University)

13) Research on Scientific Strategy of Google Based on Funded Papers
Rongying Zhao (Wuhan University), Xinlai Li (Wuhan University), Danyang Li (Wuhan University)

14) DFS: A Dataset File System for Data Discovering Users
Yasith Jayawardana and Sampath Jayarathna

15) Differences in the Research Domains of Knowledge Organization between Academic Researchers and Library Practitioners: Preliminary Results
Soohyung Joo and Kyong Eun Oh

16) A Document Summary Method Based on the Relative Spatial Length between Sentences
Panote Siriaraya, Haruka Sakata, Yuanyuan Wang and Yukiko Kawai

17) Examining Patterns of Text Reuse in Digitized Text Collections
Peter Organisciak, Grace Therrell, Maggie Ryan and Benjamin Schmidt

18) Exploring the Impact of Behaviors on User’s Popularity in the SQA Community
Shengli Deng, Yuting Jiang and Sudi Xia

19) Exploring Trends in Open Access Repositories: The case of higher education institutions in Nigeria, Ghana, Cabo Verde, and Senegal
Zainab Iddriss and Amirah Al Sarraj

20) Extracting pest risk information from risk assessment documents
Glen Newton, Oksana Korol, Andre Levesque, Robert Favrin and Tom Graefenham

21) Global Science Discussed in Local Social Media: WeChat and its comparison with Web of Science
Ting Cong, Bikun Chen and Wei Ming

22) A graphical Interface for the Dodge Poetry Festival Archive
Nina Wacholder, Grey Valenti and Nicholas Provenzano

23) How to measure the consistency of the tagging of scientific papers?
Boris Veytsman

24) Incorporating Full Text and Bibliographic Features to Improve Scholarly Journal Recommendation
Tirthankar Ghosal, Ananya Chakraborty, Ravi Sonam, Asif Ekbal, Sriparna Saha and Pushpak Bhattacharyya

25) Information Seeking in Pokemon Go: A Preliminary Investigation
Krishna Srinivasan, Marcus Lee, Derrick Chin, Dion Goh and Chei Sian Lee

26) Comparison of Digitized Book Index Among Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom
Teru Agata (Asia University), Shuichi Ueda (Professor Emeritus Keio University)

27) Less Than 10% of Library Service Users Ask For Help
Cristel Thomas and Martin Klein

28) Librarians’ Perceptions on Skills/Knowledge and Resources Needed for Research Data Services: Preliminary Results
Soohyung Joo and Christie Peters

29) Measuring the Interdisciplinary Degree of Information Behavior Research
Shengli Deng, Sudi Xia and Shaoxiong Fu

30) MinScIE: Citation-centered Open Information Extraction
Anne Lauscher, Yide Song and Kiril Gashteovski

31) Mistaken Identity: Knowledge Service in China’s Academic Libraries
Minglei Ying, Lihong Zhou and Ruhua Huang

32) Moves Recognition in Abstract of Research Paper Based on Deep Learning
Zhixiong Zhang, Huan Liu and Liangping Ding

33) A Multiview Clustering Approach To Identify Out-of-Scope Submissions in Peer Review
Tirthankar Ghosal, Debomit Dey, Avik Dutta, Asif Ekbal, Sriparna Saha and Pushpak Bhattacharyya

34) Neural Multi-Task Learning for Citation Function and Provenance
Xuan Su, Animesh Prasad, Min-Yen Kan and Kazunari Sugiyama

35) Nucleus – Deploying Research Data Management Infrastructure At The Los Alamos National Laboratory
Brian Cain, Martin Klein, and Joshua Finnell

36) Practice of Constructing Name Authority Database Based on Multi-Source Data Integration
Qianqian Yu, Jianyong Zhang, Li Qian, Zhipeng Dong, Yongwen Huang and Jianhua Liu

37) Predicting Patent Citations to measure Economic Impact of Scholarly Research
Abdul Rahman Shaikh and Hamed Alhoori

38) A Ranking Method for Relaxed Queries in Book Search
Momo Kyozuka, Yang Xu and Keishi Tajima

39) Recommending Personalized Search Terms for Assisting Exploratory Website Search
Young Park

40) ReTracker: an Open-source Plugin for Automated and Standardized Tracking of Retracted Scholarly Publications
Ly Dinh, Yi-Yun Cheng and Nikolaus Parulian

41) The Role of Self-Efficacy and Familiarity in Digital Humanity Crowdsourcing: A Preliminary Study from Transcribe-Sheng Project
Wenting Han, Shijie Song, Yuxiang Zhao and Qinghua Zhu

42) Semantically Enriched Presentation for Cultural Heritage Image: A POI-Based Perspective
Xiaoxi Luo, Xu Tan and Xiaoguang Wang

43) Semantifying the UK Hansard (1918-2018)
Federico Nanni, Stefano Menini, Sara Tonelli and Simone Paolo Ponzetto

44) A Sentiment Augmented Deep Architecture to Predict Peer Review Outcomes
Tirthankar Ghosal, Rajeev Verma, Asif Ekbal and Pushpak Bhattacharyya

45) To Help without Expectation: Investigating Social Exchanges on a Mobile Crowdsourcing Platform for a Smart City
Chei Sian Lee, Dion Goh and Hamzah Osop

46) Topic Detection of Online Book Reviews: Preliminary Results
Yunseon Choi and Soohyung Joo

47) Transaction Log Analysis within a Bento Discovery System
Willaim Mischo, Michael Norman and Mary Schlembach

48) Using the HTRC Data Capsule Model to Promote Reuse and Evolution of Experimental Analysis of Digital Library Data: A Case Study of Topic Modeling
David Bainbridge, David Nichols, Annika Hinze and J. Stephen Downie

49) Using VIAF Dataset and the National Bibliography for Identifying and Listing Comics and Manga Authors
Yasuharu Otani, Teru Agata, Akiko Hashizume, Masaki Eto, Mari Agata and Noriko Sugie

50) Web Archive Analysis Using Hive and SparkSQL
Xinyue Wang and Zhiwu Xie

51) When Should FAIR Begin? Applying FAIR During Data Creation
Michael Gryk, Adam Schuyler, Jon Wedell, Mark Maciejewski, Gerard Weatherby and Pedro Romero


Accepted Demonstrations

55) ChairVisE: An analytic lens for conference submission data
Animesh Prasad, Saumya Ahuja, Shenhao Jiang, Bimlesh Wadhwa and Min-Yen Kan

56) EAL: A Toolkit and Dataset for Entity-Aspect Linking
Federico Nanni, Jingyi Zhang, Ferdinand Betz and Kiril Gashteovski

57) EXCITE – A toolchain to extract, match and publish open literature references
Azam Hosseini, Behnam Ghavimi and Philipp Mayr

58) MELD: a Linked Data Framework for Multimedia Access to Music Digital Libraries
Kevin Page, David Lewis and David M. Weigl

59) Scalable Content-Based Analysis of Images in Web Archives with TensorFlow and the Archives Unleashed Toolkit
Hsiu-Wei Yang, Linqing Liu, Ian Milligan, Nick Ruest and Jimmy Lin

60) ScholarSight: Visualizing Temporal Trends of Scientific Concepts
Michael Färber, Chifumi Nishioka and Adam Jatowt

61) Tempurion: A Collaborative Temporal URI Collection for Named Entities
Sergej Wildemann and Helge Holzmann

62) Warclight: A Rails Engine for Web Archive Discovery
Nick Ruest, Ian Milligan and Jimmy Lin

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