Accepted Full Papers

Archive Assisted Archival Fixity Verification Framework
Mohamed Aturban, Sawood Alam, Michael Nelson and Michele Weigle

Automated Identification of Media Bias by Word Choice and Labeling in News Articles
Felix Hamborg, Anastasia Zhukova and Bela Gipp

Automatic Generation of Initial Reading Lists: Requirements and Solutions
Pablo Figueira, Fabiano Belém, Jussara Almeida and Marcos Gonçalves

Crawling and Classification Strategies for Generating a Multi-Language Corpus of Sign Language Video
Frank Shipman and Caio Monteiro

Deep Analysis of OCR Errors for Post-OCR Processing
Thi Tuyet Hai Nguyen, Adam Jatowt, Mickaël Coustaty, Nhu Van Nguyen and Antoine Doucet

A Deep Multimodal Investigation To Determine the Appropriateness of a Scholarly Submission
Tirthankar Ghosal, Ashish Raj, Asif Ekbal, Sriparna Saha and Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Digital Curation at Work: Modeling Workflows for Digital Archival Materials
Colin Post, Alexandra Chassanoff, Christopher Lee, Andrew Rabkin, Yinglong Zhang, Katherine Skinner and Sam Meister

A Digital Library for Research Data and Related Information in the Social Sciences
Daniel Hienert, Dagmar Kern, Katarina Boland, Benjamin Zapilko and Peter Mutschke

Dirichlet Process Gaussian Mixture for Active Online Name Disambiguation by Particle Filter
Baichuan Zhang, Murat Dundar, Vachik Dave and Mohammad Al Hasan

Do Authors Deposit on Time? Tracking Open Access Policy Compliance
Drahomira Herrmannova, Nancy Pontika and Petr Knoth

An End-to-end Approach for Extracting and Segmenting High-Variance References from PDF Documents
Zeyd Boukhers, Shriharsh Ambhore and Steffen Staab

Exploring Usage Patterns of a Large-scale Digital Library
Maram Barifah and Monica Ladoni

Go Wide, Go Deep: Quantifying the Impact of Scientific Papers through Influence Dispersion Trees
Dattatreya Mohapatra, Abhishek Maiti, Sumit Bhatia and Tanmoy Chakraborty

Improving Academic Plagiarism Detection for STEM Documents by Analyzing Mathematical Content and Citations
Norman Meuschke, Vincent Stange, Moritz Schubotz, Michael Kramer and Bela Gipp

Large Scale Analysis of Semantic and Temporal Aspects in Cultural Heritage Collection’s Search
Yasunobu Sumikawa, Adam Jatowt, Antoine Doucet and Jean-Philippe Moreux

Learning from Few Samples: Lexical Substitution with Word Embeddings for Short Text Classification
Abel Elekes, Simone Di Stefano, Martin Schäler, Matthias Keller and Klemens Böhm

MementoMap Framework for Flexible and Adaptive Web Archive Profiling
Sawood Alam, Michele Weigle, Michael Nelson, Fernando Melo and Daniel Gomes

Modeling digital humanities collections as research objects
Katrina Fenlon

NAISC:  An Authoritative Linked Data Interlinking Approach for the Library Domain
Lucy McKenna, Christophe Debruyne and Declan O’Sullivan

One Way or Another I’m Gonna Find Ya: The Influence of Input Mechanism on Scrolling in Complex Digital Collections
George Buchanan and Dana Mckay

The Ownership and Control of Online Photos and Game Data: Patterns, Trends, and Keeping Pace with Evolving Circumstances
Catherine C. Marshall and Frank Shipman

Tempurion: A Collaborative Temporal URI Collection for Named Entities
Sergej Wildemann and Helge Holzmann

Toward Math-Enabled Digital Libraries: Characterizing Searches for Mathematical Concepts
Behrooz Mansouri, Richard Zanibbi and Douglas Oard

Using Micro-collections in Social Media to Generate Seeds for Web Archive Collections
Alexander Nwala, Michele Weigle and Michael Nelson

Venue Analytics: A Simple Alternative to Citation-Based Metrics
Leonid Keselman and Martial Hebert

What Drives Research Efforts? Find Scientific Claims that Count!
Jose Maria Gonzalez Pinto, Janus Wawrzinek and Wolf-Tilo Balke


Accepted Short Papers

Advancing Reproducibility Through Shared Data: Bridging Archival and Library Practice
Julianna Pakstis, Hannah Calkins, Christiana Dobrzynski, Spencer Lamm and Laura McNamara

Author Matching Across Different Academic Databases: Aggregating Simple Feature-Based Rankings
Marie Katsurai and Ikki Ohmukai

BioGen: Automated Biography Generation
Heer Ambavi, Ayush Garg, Ayush Garg, Nitiksha, Mridul Sharma, Rohit Sharma, Jayesh Choudhari and Mayank Singh

Building Community and Tools for Analyzing Web Archives through Datathons
Ian Milligan, Nathalie Casemajor, Samantha Fritz, Jimmy Lin, Nick Ruest, Matthew S. Weber and Nicholas Worby

Corpus Assembly as Text Data Integration from Digital Libraries and the Web
Udo Hahn and Tinghui Duan

The Cost of a WARC: Analyzing Web Archives in the Cloud
Ryan Deschamps, Samantha Fritz, Jimmy Lin, Ian Milligan and Nick Ruest

Evaluating Memento Service Optimizations
Martin Klein, Lyudmila Balakireva and Harihar Shankar

Is the Paper Within Scope? Are You Fishing in the Right Pond?
Tirthankar Ghosal, Asif Ekbal, Sriparna Saha, Pushpak Bhattacharyya and Ravi Sonam

A Joint Model for Multimodal Document Quality Assessment
Aili Shen, Bahar Salehi, Timothy Baldwin and Jianzhong Qi

Keyphrases vs. Document Embeddings vs. Terms for Recommender Systems: An Online Evaluation
Andrew Collins and Joeran Beel

Learning to Retrieve Related Resources in Bibliographic Information Network
Poonam Anthony and Plaban Kumar Bhowmick

Open Data Publishing by Public Libraries
Nicholas Weber and Bree Norlander

Recognizing Topic Change in Search Sessions of Digital Libraries based on Thesaurus and Classification System
Daniel Hienert and Dagmar Kern

Shared Feelings: Understanding Facebook Reactions to Scholarly Articles
Curtis Cole Freeman, Mrinal Kanti Roy, Michele Fattoruso and Hamed Alhoori

‘Too Late to Collaborate’: Challenges to the Discovery of in-progress Research
Corinna Breitinger, Patrick Wortner, Bela Gipp and Harald Reiterer

Unsupervised Clustering with Smoothing for Detecting Paratext Boundaries in Scanned Documents
Ana Lucic, Robin Burke and John Shanahan