Sessions and Chairs

Monday, June 3

Session 1A:

Generation and Linking

Chair: Sampath Jayarathna

Session 1B:

Analysis and Curation

Chair: Ian Milligan

Session 1C:

Search Logs

Chair: Edie Rasmussen

Session 2A:

Multimodal and Multimedia

Chair: Sally Jo Cunningham

Session 2B:

Classification, Discovery and Recommendation

Chair:Jim Hahn

Session 3A:

Poster Madness

Tuesday, June 4

Session 4A:

Research and Open Data

Chair: George Buchanan

Session 4B:

Web Archives 1

Chair: Brenda Reyes-Ayala

Session 4C:

Analysis and Processing

Chair: Daniela Gifu

Session 5A:

Scholarly Documents

Chair: Hamed Alhoori

Session 5B:

Web Archives 2

Chair: Martin Klein

Session 5C:


Session 6A:

Bibliographic Data and Matching

Chair: Ed Fox

Session 6B:

User Interface and Behavior

Chair: Daqing He

Session 6C:


Chair: Dasha Herrmannova

Wednesday, June 5

Session 7: